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2019-2020 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Readmission to the University (Graduate)

A student who has withdrawn, fallen out of enrollment, or who has been suspended from the university must make written application for readmission in order to be re-enrolled in Lakeland courses. A student who wishes to be considered for readmission must submit the following materials:

  1. A completed application form,
  2. A current resume including 3 references (with email addresses and telephone numbers),
  3. A personal statement describing the reason for seeking readmission and why it will help in accomplishing future goals, and
  4. An official transcript if applicant has attended another institution since leaving Lakeland.

    Note: A current background check for an applicant returning to the Master of Arts in Counseling program may be required.

Prior to readmission, the university will conduct an overall review of the student’s records relating to his or her prior experience at Lakeland University. This review will include academic performance, conduct, compliance with financial obligations, and any other factors deemed relevant. The university reserves the right to make the readmission decision based on any combination of the above factors in the best interests of the student as well as the university community. This policy applies to all students seeking readmission regardless of the reasons for the student’s initial withdrawal or suspension from the institution. Additionally, successful readmission requires the complete payment of all prior balances due to the university and approval of specific program directors.

Readmitted students are subject to the degree requirements in effect at the point of their reentry to the university.

Readmission Following Suspension

In addition to following the steps listed under Readmission to the University, a student who has been suspended is subject to an additional set of rules when applying for readmission. Such a student must wait to reapply until one (1) academic term has elapsed since his/her suspension. A letter of recommendation from an employer or a supervisor who observed the applicant’s performance during the time he/she was absent from Lakeland is required. Successful readmission is contingent upon the approval of the Provost and the approval of the relevant program director.

If readmitted, a student who was previously suspended will be placed on probation until his/her coursework merits a return to good academic standing. A student who has been readmitted following a suspension must improve his/her overall GPA each term until he/she has earned a return to good academic standing. Failure to earn a return to good academic standing will result in dismissal from the university.

Readmission After Withdrawal or Falling Out of Enrollment

Students who have voluntarily withdrawn or fallen out of enrollment may apply for readmission under the same procedures listed above for readmission to the university. Students who officially withdrew in good standing and are readmitted will return in good academic standing.