Sep 28, 2023  
2017-2018 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Lakeland University has partnered with Columbia College of Nursing (CCON) in Milwaukee to offer students an opportunity to complete preparatory coursework to qualify and apply for admission for the Bachelor of Science of Nursing program at CCON.

Lakeland students complete their general education and designated pre-nursing curriculum in order to meet prerequisite/admission course requirements at CCON.

In completing these requirements students fulfill all the requirements to earn an Associate of Science degree (A.S.) from Lakeland University.

Students must earn a cumulative 3.0 GPA at the end of completing this degree to be eligible for admission to the Nursing program.

Students who successfully complete the required/preparatory course work from Lakeland University should be able to:

  • Identify, explain and apply core principles in biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology.
  • Perform mathematical and statistical functions appropriate to the sciences.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of multiple academic disciplines.
  • Communicate effectively in speech and writing.
  • Evaluate different types of information.
  • Examine problem(s) from multiple disciplinary perspectives.
  • Make decisions in an evidence-based fashion
Professor: Gregory R. Smith
Assistant Professors: Amelia Fitzsimmons, Andrew Karls, and Jered McGivern