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2017-2018 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Exercise Science

The Exercise Science degree provides students with a theoretical and practical foundation for a wide range of career opportunities. Students with the Exercise Science degree may pursue careers in personal training, health coaching, corporate fitness, strength and conditioning, nutrition, dietetics, and wellness. Students often use their Exercise Science degree as the foundation for advanced education in exercise science, exercise physiology, kinesiology, athletic training, and physical education, as well as professional programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, and medical school.

Students who have successfully completed a B.S. in Exercise Science from Lakeland University should be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking skills and techniques, while identifying the errors in reasoning that impair critical thinking.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the exercise science foundational content areas.  
  • Demonstrate knowledge of psychological theory as applied to sport, fitness, and rehabilitation.
  • Apply theoretical and practical exercise science knowledge via the creation of multimodal programs.
  • Explain the requisite theoretical knowledge and perform exercise and fitness testing for healthy and affected populations. 
  • Communicate using technical precision, in oral and written modes.
  • Demonstrate virtues related to professionalism including punctuality, attendance, active investment, initiative, politeness, respect, appreciation, social perspective taking, and good judgment.
Associate Professors: William Ebben
Assistant Professor: Andrew Karls




      Exercise Science