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Lakeland University Academic Catalog 
Lakeland University Academic Catalog

Lakeland University Academic Catalog

Welcome to the Lakeland University Academic Catalog

How to Access a Catalog

Use the Lakeland University Academic Catalog drop-down box on the upper right-hand corner of this page to select the catalog you would like to view.

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Current Catalogs

If you would like to view the most current catalog, please use the drop-down box or select one of the following links: 2021-2022 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog or 2021-2022 William R. Kellett School of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies Academic Catalog.

Archived Catalogs

If you would like to view archived catalogs, please use the drop-down box (Note: Archived catalogs are labeled with [ARCHIVED CATALOG]) OR select one of the following links: Traditional Undergraduate Archived Catalogs or Evening, Weekend and Online Archived Catalogs.

How to Navigate the Catalog

Catalog Search: The catalog search feature is available to easily search for a keyword word or phrase in the catalog. There are a few different ways to search a keyword or phrase by: Entire catalog, courses, programs, hierarchy items, or other content. There is also an Advanced Search feature to further refine your search.

Right-hand Navigation: Once a catalog is selected, a column of navigation links will display in a blue box on the right side of the page. Click on a link and it will bring you to that specific page.

My Portfolio: This feature allows for the storage of favorite catalog items. In order to use this feature, you must register an account. Select My Portfolio from the right hand navigation and select the Create an Account link . Enter a valid e-mail address and password and then select Create Account. To access your portfolio in the future, select My Portfolio from the right hand navigation, enter your e-mail and password, and select Login.

Catalog Icon Guide

Program Planner: Print-friendly version of major or minor requirements in a checklist format.
Add to My Portfolio: Once an account is created, courses, programs, and other pages from the catalog can be added to My Portfolio. This allows for easy future reference of these items.
Share: Share catalog information on Facebook or Twitter.
Print: Print a specific page or section from the catalog.
Help: Further information on how to use the catalog.








The online version of the Lakeland University academic catalog serves as the official version of the academic catalog. While printed versions may be distributed for informational purposes, or excerpts of the catalog may be provided on web pages, in the case of any discrepancies, the online version of the academic catalog shall supersede any portion of a printed copy or web page containing excerpted policies.