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2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Grading (Graduate)

The grades of A, AB, B, BC, C, CD, D and F are used to indicate the following:

A = 4.0 quality points per semester hour. Superior work.

AB = 3.5 quality points per semester hour.

B = 3.0 quality points per semester hour. Above average work.

BC = 2.5 quality points per semester hour.

C = 2.0 quality points per semester hour. Satisfactory achievement.

CD = 1.5 quality points per semester hour.

D = 1.0 quality points per semester hour. Course requirements were satisfied at a minimum level.

F = 0.0 quality points per semester hour. Course requirements were not satisfied.


The grades/notations of I, P, *, W, AU, UAU, WAU, and NR are also used as follows:

I = Incomplete: Indicates that a student has the prior consent of the instructor to complete required coursework after the end of a regular term. For graduate courses, a grade of Incomplete must be raised within one calendar year from the last day of the term in which it was assigned. Failure to satisfy the requirement for which the Incomplete was assigned results in the grade of Incomplete remaining permanently on the transcript.

         Incomplete grades may not be awarded to international students during their final term at Lakeland University.

P = Pass: Given in courses which are graded on a pass/fail basis.

* = Repeated: Indicates a repeated course along with the original grade received.

W = Withdraw: Indicates that the student has formally withdrawn from a course. Formal withdrawal must be completed before the end of the ninth week of classes in the spring, summer, or fall terms. Courses offered in subterms (i.e. 7-week sessions) are subject to a different withdrawal schedule which is announced on the Lakeland website each term.

AU = Audit: Used when students have formally declared that they are taking a course on an audit basis and have completed all work required of audit students by the course instructor. Formal declaration of audit status or withdrawal from an audit must be completed on or before the date announced as the last day to withdraw as indicated on the academic calendar for the relevant term. Failure to meet the instructor’s conditions will be recorded as UAU; withdrawal from the course will be recorded as WAU. These marks are not computed in GPAs. Refer to the Auditing a Course  section for more details.

NR = Not reported: This is a temporary mark. It indicates that the grade for the course had not been received by the Registrar at the time the grades were posted.

Grade Reports

Grade reports are available at at the end of each grading period. Printer-friendly versions are also available at this website. Further explanation of grades can be found in the sections specific to undergraduate and graduate programs.

Grade Changes

Once grades have been submitted to the Registrar, changes of grades must be approved by the Provost. Faculty may initiate a grade change if an error was made or when no grade was entered upon initial grade entry. If a student identifies an error in the final grade, the student must first contact the instructor to resolve the issue, and if the issue cannot be resolved between the instructor and student, the student may submit a grade appeal following the procedure outlined below. Students are responsible for monitoring grades during and at the conclusion of a course, and addressing concerns as they arise during the course. Changes of grades will not be permitted on the basis of work submitted after the end of the semester.

Grade Appeal Policy

At the end of the semester, final official grades are available to students on If a student identifies an error in calculation or has reasons to believe the grade posted on differs from the grade earned, the student may initiate a grade appeal. Students with questions about their grades must first contact the instructor. If the student is not able to resolve the concern with the instructor, the student may submit a written grade appeal to the Provost. Grade appeals may be appropriate when there is a miscalculation or error on the part of the instructor or when the student is not held to the criteria identified in the course syllabus. Grades cannot be appealed on the basis of work that was submitted after the end of the semester or after an “incomplete” due date.

Grade appeals must be submitted no later than three (3) weeks after the university posts the official grade. Students submitting a grade appeal must include a written letter of appeal, a completed Grade Appeal Form available through, and all appropriate documentation. If necessary, the Provost may form an Appeal Committee to investigate and review the appeal, and a final decision will be made by the Provost no later than one (1) week after the appeal submission due date. The decision of the Provost will be final.