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2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Classifications (Graduate)

Enrollment Classification

Full-time status is defined as enrollment in nine (9) or more graduate semester hours during the fall, spring, or summer terms. International students must enroll in a minimum of nine (9) graduate semester hours per term during the fall and spring terms. Enrollment in more than 4 and fewer than 9 semester hours will qualify as one-half time status with the exception of students enrolled in culminating experiences. The culminating experience courses are listed below:

Students enrolled in culminating experiences will be classified as full-time enrollment for the purposes of enrollment status, financial aid, military benefits, and SEVIS classification.

Overload Policy

As is indicated above, nine (9) semester hours per semester is considered a full-time academic load. A graduate student who wishes to take more than 9 semester hours in any one academic term must receive permission to do so. The student’s previous academic record and current work schedule will be considered in the approval process, as well as any special circumstances which may be pertinent. No student may be enrolled in more than 12 semester hours per term. The following conditions apply:

  1. The student must have completed at least one prior term at Lakeland University.
  2. The student’s GPA must be above 3.5.

Approval must be obtained from the Program Director.