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2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog 
2017-2018 Evening, Weekend, Online Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Internship Courses

Criteria for Internship Courses/Sites


  • Semester long internships are set at 1 to 12 credits per term.
  • Year-long internships are set in a two semester sequence, with 1-12 credits of enrollment per term.
  • Student teaching (education internship)-all education majors who seek teacher certification, are required to complete a semester long student teaching experience. *Note: Student teaching requires full-day, full-semester commitment of time, (approximately 18 weeks of student teaching); following the semester calendar of the cooperating school.
    • Specific prerequisites and arrangements are made with faculty/academic advisors with in the Education program.
    • For more information, contact the Director of the Undergraduate Education program.
  • Students are limited to 30 total internship credits toward a bachelor’s degree program.

Contact Hour Requirement

  • Out of classroom work must involve a minimum of 50 contact hours of educational activity per week for each semester of credit awarded. Example: 12 credit internship X 50 = 600 total hours. 600 hours/15 weeks = 40 hours or internship work per week.
  • A minimum ¾ of the internship contact hours must be completed within the registered term.

Eligibility Requirements for Students

  • Completion of any prerequisite course(s) or conditions (test scores, grades) to the internship course.
  • Grade-point: a cumulative Lakeland GPA of 2.50 or higher, or GPA standard set for the specific internship course (which may be set higher).
  • Students must have completed two full time semesters or accumulated 24 total credits prior to application for an internship.
  • Students must be currently enrolled at Lakeland at time of application for internships opportunities.

Process for Obtaining an Internship Approval

  • Discuss internship opportunities with Academic Advisor and/or Director of Career Readiness and Professional Development.
  • Identify and discuss internship placement with site to secure a placement.
  • Once site is secured, utilize the Career Connect platform to complete the application process for the internship site.
  • Four approvals are necessary: the supervising faculty member, internship site supervisor, Director of Career Readiness and Professional Development and Registrar’s Office.
  • Students are registered for the internship credits once the approval process is completed.
  • International Students have the following additional requirements:
    • Obtain a job offer verification completed and signed by the student and the site supervisor.
    • Visit the International Records Coordinator at the Office of the Registrar where a new I-20 will be processed for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization. Students may not begin the CPT/internship without a SEVIS I-20 authorizing the internship.
  • Any student pursuing an internship must complete the applicable processes by the end of the add/drop deadline date for the semester in which the internship is to occur.

Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Students completing full-time (12+ credits) internships at Lakeland University may remain eligible for full financial aid support.
  • Students enrolled in less than full time credits, may be eligible for partial aid support, but eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Students should consult with financial aid staff regarding eligibility criteria and level of support.


Any exceptions to the policies will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must have the written sponsorship of a member of the Lakeland University faculty. Requests should be directed to the Provost’s office for review and ruling on exception requested.