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2023-2024 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Associate of Arts, A.A.

Students who have successfully completed an A.A. from Lakeland University should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of multiple academic disciplines.
  • Write clear, coherent, and correct prose.
  • Perform basic mathematical and statistical functions.
  • Examine problem(s) from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Degree Requirements (60 semester hours)

Fundamental Skills

A maximum of 3 semester hours may be used towards a degree total.

Distributional Studies

Complete at least three semester hours of coursework within any seven of the following eight categories. Although listed course prerequisites still apply, all courses with the parenthetical program designations are acceptable unless specifically excluded below:

  • Art, Music, Theatre (ART, GDN, MUS, THE)
  • History and Political Science (HIS, POL)
  • Literature and Writing (CRW, ENG, WRT) - (Excluded courses: WRT 211; WRT 212)
  • Mathematics (MAT) - (Excluded courses: MAT 120, MAT 140; *prior courses: MAT 130, MAT 150)
  • Natural Sciences (BIO, CHM, PHY) - (Excluded course: CHM 140)
  • Philosophy, Religion and Social Justice Studies (PHI, REL, SJS)
  • Social Sciences (ANT, CRJ, DVS, ECN, PSY, SOC)
  • World Languages (CHI, GER, JPS, SPA)


Students may complete any combination of additional elective coursework to reach the minimum of 60 semester hours required for the Associate Degree.

  • 0 semester hours in Fundamental Skills = 22-24 semester hours of electives
  • 2 semester hours in Fundamental Skills = 20-22 semester hours of electives
  • 3 semester hours in Fundamental Skills = 19-21 semester hours of electives

Note: A minimum of 15 semester hours must be earned through Lakeland University. Of the last 15 semester hours credited towards the degree, 12 semester hours must be earned through Lakeland University.