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2014-2015 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2014-2015 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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The Humanities Division offers a German curriculum designed to help students master the German language and develop a historical understanding of German literature and culture. The German program prepares students for high school teaching, for graduate study, or, if combined with another major (such as Business Administration or Education), for a professional career where knowledge of a foreign language is an asset.

Students with no background in the language begin in the introductory courses, while those with previous experience can begin in one of the more advanced classes. Students are advised to speak with the German professor or the chair of the Humanities Division for information regarding qualifying for advanced standing placement.

All students with knowledge of German, regardless of major, are eligible for the foreign study semester at the University of Kassel in Germany. Consult the German professor for details.

Students who major in German will be able to:

  • know the most important events and intellectual periods in the history of German literature and culture;
  • develop an interdisciplinary understanding of the most important styles and periods in German culture, as well as a working knowledge of the most important authors and genres in German literature;
  • understand how the intellectual history of Germany shapes the German character and culture of today;
  • develop skill in literary analysis sufficient to read literature for meaning;
  • develop an appreciation for and a proficiency in the unique expressiveness of the German language, including the use of idioms and expressions; and
  • develop a basic understanding of how the most important regional dialects shape the character of the German language and the German people.

Associate Professor: Martin Ulrich


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