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2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Writing-Intensive (WI) Courses

Lakeland University understands the role good writing skills play not only in a student’s college career but also throughout a graduate’s life. The Interdisciplinary Studies curriculum requires that all Lakeland students take at least six (6) semester hours of writing-intensive coursework prior to graduation. Three semester hours of the writing-intensive requirement will be fulfilled by an upper-level Core III course or the Honors sequence courses; the remaining semester hours will be fulfilled through courses in a student’s major specifically designated as writing-intensive by that department’s faculty as indicated below. While most courses in Lakeland University’s curriculum require that some written work be completed outside of class, instructors teaching the writing-intensive courses offer students additional opportunities to improve their writing skills through peer editing sessions, student-faculty conferences, and in-class instruction. All writing-intensive courses are labeled in this catalog with a (WI) designation.

Designated Writing-Intensive (WI) Courses

All courses are three semester hours, unless indicated otherwise.

Course Number and Title Major(s)/Emphasis
ART 339 - Portfolio Preparation (WI)   Graphic Design, Studio Art
BIO 475 - Scientific Analysis and Writing I (WI) (2 semester hours)   Biology, Broad Field Science
BIO 476 - Scientific Analysis and Writing II (WI) (2 semester hours)   Biology
BUS 491 - Business Policy and Strategy (WI)   Accounting, Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Organizational Management
CHM 475 - Scientific Analysis and Writing I (WI) (2 semester hours)   Biochemistry, Broad Field Science, Chemistry
CHM 476 - Scientific Analysis and Writing II (WI) (2 semester hours)   Biochemistry, Chemistry
COM 350 - Rhetorical Criticism (WI)   Communication
CPS 445 - Systems Analysis and Design (WI)   Computer Science, Management Information Systems
CRJ 300 - Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology (WI)   Criminal Justice
CRJ 492 - Contemporary Issues in Crime and Justice: Senior Seminar (WI)   Criminal Justice
DAT 402 - Advanced Modeling Techniques and Visualization (WI)   Industrial Systems Analytics
EDU 449 - Education Capstone Course (WI)   Education (PK-6, 1-8, 6-12, and K-12)
ENG 323 - Nineteenth-Century American Literature (WI)   English
ENG 324 - Twentieth-Century American Literature (WI)   English
ENG 335 - British Literature: Victorian Period (WI)   English
ENG 340 - Twentieth-Century British Literature (WI)   English
ESS 342 - Exercise Physiology (WI)   Exercise Science
FSQ 420 - Analysis and Design (WI)   Food Safety and Quality
GEN 4XX - Core III (WI) - various topics Interdisciplinary Studies
HIS 461 - Historiography and Historical Methods (WI)   Broad Field Social Studies, History
HON 410 - Developing an Original Project (WI) (1 semester hour)   Honors Program
HON 480 - Senior Honors Project (WI)   Honors Program
MAT 322 - College Geometry (WI)   Mathematics
MUS 312 - Music History and Literature II (WI)   Music, Music Education, Music Performance
PSY 463 - History and Systems of Psychology (WI)   Psychology
REL 362 - Interpreting Sacred Traditions (WI)   Religion
SML 410 - Organization and Management of Sport Programs (WI)   Sport Management and Leadership
SPA 410 - Spanish (Peninsular) Literature (WI)   Spanish
SPA 430 - Spanish-American Literature (WI)   Spanish
WRT 300 - Advanced Composition (WI)   Communication, Creative Writing, English, Writing
WRT 335 - Technical Writing (WI)   Writing