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2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog 
2019-2020 Traditional Undergraduate Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Students must officially register for all courses for which they intend to earn semester-hour credit. Registration dates are included on the academic calendar.

First-time students, upon admission, receive registration information from the Office of Admissions. Returning students can refer to the academic calendar(s) on Registration for each term involves these essential steps, though not necessarily in this order:

  1. Apply for financial aid during spring term for the following academic year through the Financial Aid and Educational Funding Office.
  2. Rectify any financial obligations or holds through the Business Office.
  3. Obtain parking permits via the Office of Campus Safety and Security.
  4. Students can obtain Campus Identification cards from the Business Office.
    • ID photos are taken and card activation takes place.
  5. Academic advisors review academic progress and work with students to select and register for courses to complete remaining degree requirements each semester.
  6. Students log on to in order to reserve their courses and review progress on requirements for declared degree.
  7. Academic advisors approve course registrations for their advisees through
  8. Apply for housing and make residence hall arrangements through the Residence Life Office.

Each semester course schedules are posted on and/or

Academic Calendar

Lakeland’s academic calendar consists of traditional fall and spring terms, with an optional summer term for main campus students. Each of the four-month fall and spring terms includes fourteen weeks of class sessions and a one-week exam period. Fall term begins in late August/early September and concludes before Christmas. Spring term starts in the middle of January and continues through the beginning of May. Fall, spring and summer course offerings through the William R. Kellett School span over a fall or spring term of twelve weeks with the summer term beginning in late May. The traditional program and the William R. Kellett School also offer a limited number of 7-week courses during the fall, spring and summer terms.

Fall and Spring Term Policies

While enrollment in four courses (12 semester hours) is the normal full-time student workload during the fall or spring term, Lakeland’s full-time tuition rate applies to any enrollment from 12 to 18 semester hours during those terms. Students who maintain a grade-point-average (GPA) above 3.0 or who gain written approval from the Provost may enroll in a maximum of 21 semester hours using the Permission to Overload request form found on Students pay additional tuition and fees for the overload credits. Tuition rates for part-time and Kellett School students are assessed on a course-by-course credit basis.

Summer Term Policies

The William R. Kellett School of Adult Education offers a selection of summer term courses at its centers in once per week via BlendEd® or online class sessions spread over term of twelve weeks. Seven-week online course offerings are also available during the summer through the Kellett School. Traditional students incur the Kellett tuition rate for all summer enrollments. Courses may be available on the main campus in the summer term.

Students who have not yet reached transfer limit thresholds may transfer up to twelve (12) semester hours of coursework from summer classes taken at another college in any one year. Students who plan to transfer work from another college during the summer must notify the Office of the Registrar of that intent and complete all forms and arrangements before the end of the spring term. Grades earned in transferred courses are not included in the official Lakeland University GPA.